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Slow-rolls and Rub Downs Slow-rolls and Rub Downs | Thu, 7th April 2011
Generally speaking it is regarded as completely unacceptable to deliberately slow-roll and opponent (unless you have at least half a reason to wish to wind them up).  
The Deeper The Better! The Deeper The Better! | Tue, 15th March 2011
Our plane to Dublin was 4 ½ hours late due to ice on runway preventing refuelling trucks from servicing the planes that had landed at Dublin airport from taking off so no new planes could land...  
Head-Phones and Plastics Head-Phones and Plastics | Wed, 23rd February 2011
To win any tournament nowadays you need a lot of luck and you need to be running well. In the past it may well have been enough to avoid bad luck in order to do well but, not any more.  
Tilt Monkey Tilt Monkey | Tue, 8th February 2011
We all know that poker is a game of skill that can and usually is at least to some extent and sometimes a big extent be affected by luck, be it good luck or bad luck.  
Don't lead your read!! Don't lead your read!! | Thu, 3rd February 2011
I have written before how many players have the unfortunate habit of using expected value (EV) and subjectively influenced loose opinions as to "long term profitable plays"...  
What's in a word What's in a word | Thu, 27th January 2011
What is it reasonable to say or not say when you are on the battlefield of a game of poker? What follows may come across as the ranting of a rabid baboon, in addition in is a way to express the loathing I have for dishonourable behaviour...  
Don’t be a Wildebeest!! Don’t be a Wildebeest!! | Fri, 14th January 2011
It took the lord 6 days to create the earth and after that he needed a day of rest.  
Running Bad Running Bad | Mon, 20th December 2010
When you run bad at poker it is the most unpleasant experience and psychologically it is akin to the stages you go through with a new girlfriend (I mean girlfriend here not short term humping acquaintance)...  
Expensive Testicles Expensive Testicles | Thu, 16th December 2010
Very often the most potent threat to a poker players poker playing life comes from sources completely unrelated to the game of poker itself.  
Licked in Latvia Licked in Latvia | Tue, 14th December 2010
Following the winning of a package on Betsafe Poker I was off to Latvia for my first ever tournament in this part of the world.  
Belgium Poker Championship 2009 Belgium Poker Championship 2009 | Sun, 12th December 2010
Last year myself and a few friends went over to Belgium by the Euro Star (which worked properly then) and played in the 1500 euro entry Belgium Poker Championship  
Poker is about winning not justice! Poker is about winning not justice! | Fri, 10th December 2010
One of the unpleasant aspects of playing poker is the sick nature of certain situations where you suffer the outrageous injustice of being the victim...  
The Poo Principle The Poo Principle | Thu, 9th December 2010
There is an unfortunate dilemma that afflicts all UK Casinos when setting their rules for Poker games.  
Tournaments can seriously damage your wealth Tournaments can seriously damage your wealth | Tue, 7th December 2010
As a recreational time passing or leisure pursuit tournament poker is a great option. For the professional player however, only a deluded mug would see tournament play as a primary source of making a living from poker, using their own money at least.  
You are absolved my son! You are absolved my son! | Tue, 7th December 2010
As I have said before and no doubt will say so again, It is the unfortunate trait of many card room supervisors of the desire to not only simply control players regardless of the impact...  
Poor Equity Poor Equity | Tue, 7th December 2010
One of the most common words used to justify actions by poker players who either do or think they have a good understanding of what they are doing is "Equity".  
Bankrolls Bankrolls | Wed, 13th October 2010
Many young players find the whole concept of bankroll management far too boring to get tied up in – they want to have some fun and enjoy the thrill of playing in the highest games possible.  
Overbetting Overbetting | Wed, 13th October 2010
If we have defined an overbet to mean any bet, over the size of the pot, then we can see that this play can be made both pre and post flop.  
Advice Advice | Wed, 13th October 2010
I recently noticed a very comparable position between one of my 15 year old sons experience with simultaneous equations and many new poker players learning poker from the net and TV.  
What did you expect? What did you expect? | Tue, 28th September 2010
When I first started visiting casinos I only used to play the house games ie blackjack and roulette, but once I started playing poker I could not bring myself to play the house games any more as I was aware of the inbuilt “house edge”  
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