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Latest software update makes multitabling a breeze

Our latest software update has brought several key improvements which help players looking for a bit of multi table action. Log in to your Poker Encore account now to take it for a test drive, or if you don’t have an account you can get one here. We’d love to hear your feedback - tweet us @pokerencore, post on our facebook wall or send us an email

The key updates are as follows:

Change of Frame Colour

The table which needs your attention now has a red flashing bar at the top, making it easier to see. The image below illustrates that it is my turn to act on the bottom left table.

Tables that are minimised also change colour in the task bar when they have action.

Timeout Alerts

When a player is almost out of time to act at a table – 8 seconds for normal tables, 4 seconds for turbo tables – our software can notify you in the following ways:

• With a timeout buzz sound alert.
• For tables, which are not in focus and which are not minimized, the table title bar will blink in red. The blinking stops when the player clicks at the table.

Both are controlled from a new section in Options called Table Timeout Alerts.

Note: You must ensure you have sound switched on in the sound options for the Sound to work within Timeout Options.

Multi-Table Settings

Auto focus sequences tables in the order at which the player has to act. Once the player plays at the first table of the sequence, the next table automatically takes the focus. If the player goes intentionally to a table which is in turn to take the focus, no other table takes the focus until the player acts. After the action is completed, the first table in the list is given the focus.

You can define how tables can take focus from other tables and/or other applications from Options > Multi table settings:

• Take focus from applications – the table is popped on top of all other applications when action is required. The option is unchecked by default.
• Take focus from other table the table is popped on top of all other tables when action is required. The option is checked by default.

In cases when only one of these two options is checked, the tables always get the focus over the Poker lobby.

Keep table priority

The priority of the tables requiring your attention is kept in its original sequence even if no action is performed on a table when taking focus.

Example: There are tables A and B, both with action required for the player.

Table A gets the focus first, table B goes in the queue. The player does not act at table A and goes to table B. When he acts at table B, table A will take the focus back on its turn. Note the behaviour for ‘keep table priority’ takes place only when ‘Take focus from other table’ is activated.

Keep focus on current table when sit out on another table occurs

When focus is on one table and player goes in Sit out mode on another table, the pop-up message “You have been timed out from the game and you are in Sit out status. Would you like to play again?” is not taking the focus in any case.

Table Positioning

The following new features for positioning tables have been added in order to improve your experience when playing on multiple tables and participating in tournaments:

• Players can choose to open a new table in the same position and view as their last closed table.
• New tables are now opened in X order instead of cascaded mode.
• Logical ‘holes’ are filled when tables are tiled.
• A table keeps its position when player changes tables in tournaments.

The features are explained in detail below.

Open new table in the same position and view

A new option Remember table positioning is added to Options > Table view menu.

Remember table positioning is unchecked by default.

When this option is checked and a table is closed, the next table that is opened has the same size and is positioned at the same place as the closed one.

Un-checking Remember table positioning resets new opened tables size and positions to the default ones. Closing the client while

Remember table positioning is still checked does not have a reset effect.

Special cases:
• When Remember table positioning is checked and a table is closed while it is partially outside the screen borders, the next table which is open, is aligned to the relevant border/s.

• When Remember table positioning is checked and a table located on a secondary screen is closed, the next table that is opened is positioned in the same location on the same secondary screen.

New opening order for tables

New default order for positioning tables has been introduced. The tables are opened in X order in the following sequence:

• First table is aligned to the top-left corner of the screen.
• Second table is aligned to the bottom-right corner.
• Third table is aligned to the top-right corner.
• Forth table is aligned to the bottom-left corner.

When the screen is not big enough, the tables overlap, i.e. a previously open table overlaps a recently open one.

When more than four tables are opened, the 5th table is placed over the 1st, the 6th over the 2nd, etc.

When Remember table positioning is checked and there are already opened tables, that are in tile order or maximized, the next tables are opened in X order, taking into consideration the already opened tables with the same size as the last open/modified table.

When Remember table positioning is checked and there are already opened tables that are in cascade order, the next open tables are also in cascade order.

Filling “holes” in tiled view

If you have closed a table down in the middle of your tile arrangement, when you open a new table, provided Remember Table Positioning is checked, it will fill that gap.

Keeping the table position in tournaments

In tournaments, when a player is moved from one table to another, the new table is positioned in the exact same place and has the same size as the old one. Visually there is no difference for the player. This positioning is fixed and does not depend on the status of the Remember table positioning option.

New Lobby Enhancements

Search Table/Tournament

A small search button has been added next to the name column meaning you can track down a specific tournament or cash game by typing the name directly into this box

On typing the name or part of the name of a table or tournament in the filter, the content of the current view is immediately filtered. If a filter is applied, the search icon is coloured in green.

There are more great features such as Bad Beat Jackpots, Hole Card Jackpots and much much more coming soon.

Wed, 2nd May 2012

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