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Poker Encore software update adds exciting new features

The Poker Encore poker software has been updated today to enhance your playing experience. Below is a summary of the main changes you will notice when logging into your account

Poker Calendar

iPoker update

A new tab has been added to the My Poker section called Calendar. Information is updated in real time and shows tournaments you are registered for or have tokens for. You can also add any tournament as a “favourite” and this will appear in your calendar too

Friends List

To the left of the Calendar tab you will see another new tab called Friends

iPoker update

Here you can search for any player and send them an invite to join your list of friends. Once they accept you will both be able to see when each other is logged in and what games each other are playing. You can also send a friend request at the table by right clicking on a player and selecting “add to friends”. To view any pending friend requests you haven’t yet responded to, check the “inbox” tab in the My Poker section

This feature replace the old buddy list system. You will see an option to “search old buddy” at the top of the lobby. This is in place to help you add your old buddies to your new friends list by sending them an invite

Anyone is able to hide from player searches by going to Settings>System>Opt out from all searches. You will still be visible to your friends but will not show up in any searches by people who are not on your friends list

Tokens & Seats

iPoker update

A Tokens tab has also been added. This is a quick and easy way to see all the tokens and seats that you have won and are available to use on your account. When you receive a new token or win a seat in a tournament a notification will show on the tokens tab
iPoker update

Anonymous Tables

iPoker update

You will see a new option in the cash game filter for “anonymous tables”. These will be launching very shortly. At anonymous tables you will not see the nicknames of your opponents and no previous player notes will be shown. Look out for anonymous tables appearing in the cash games lobby very soon

In addition to the new features, our latest software version has undergone many tweaks and under the bonnet improvements to ensure your experience at Poker Encore is as enjoyable as possible

Thu, 28th February 2013

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