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Poker Slang


A player that raises and Bets often, trying to buy pots and intimidate players.

Bad beat

When a player with a weaker hand, hits a fluke card to beat a far superior hand.


A bet or raise by a player holding nothing, to make his opponent/s think he's holding a good hand.


Full Boat (Full house)


When the betting has a maximum number times players can bet. Usually 3 after the initial raise.


A poor poker player, who throws its money away at the tables.

Free card

When a player sees the next card without paying a bet to do so.

Gut-shot draw

When a player needs an exact card in order to make a straight.


A player who plays many hands, and isn't frightened of throwing money away.

Open-ended straight

When a player needs either of two cards in order to make a straight, such as an 7-8-9-10.


The number of cards you can catch that will make your hand into a winner.


A player who bets and raises infrequently.

Pay off

Calling a bet when you think you are unlikely to have the best hand, but have a chance to catch a bluff.


Four of a kind.


To check and then raise a bet from a later position.


A good strong player taking a lot of money from poorer players.


Playing meekly with a hand on one betting round in order to allow players to make second-best hands so that you can win more from them on later betting rounds.


Players who fold most of their hands and wait for premium cards to get involved in a pot, and will fold if the action indicates they are beaten.


When a player is not playing his best game because of factors such as desperation to get even, or suffering a bad beat, where the players mind gets in the way of his game.


Three of a kind.


Starting with a pair in the hole in stud or hold 'em. Three of a kind in 7-stud is also known as 'wired trips'.

Hold'em slang


Two Aces in the hole. Also called Pocket Rockets and American Airlines

Big slick

A-K offsuit.


Two kings in the hole.

Doyle Brunson

T-2. Doyle won two world championships with this hand.

Fifth street

The river card (fifth community card on board)

Fourth street

The turn card (fourth community card on board)


The best possible hand given the five community cards on board. If the board includes a 10 - Jack - Queen - King - 6 of four different suits, the "nuts" is an Ace-high straight, and any player with an Ace in his hand has the nuts. If the board is King - 7 - 7 - 7 - 3, the nuts is four 7s, and a player who has the remaining 7 will win the pot. Also used in combination with hand rankings: "nut straight", "nut flush", etc. all refer to the best possible straight or flush.


Pocket pair higher than all the community cards. In example a Q-Q on a J-7-4 flop is an overpair.


When a player has a pair in the hole and a third card of the same rank appears on the board, giving him three of a kind, he has a "set". If the third card comes on the flop, he is said to have "flopped a set."

Top pair

When a card in your hand pairs the top card on board.


The fourth community card.
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