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Poker Loyalty Rewards

Poker Loyalty Rewards

Welcome to the all-new Poker Encore's Loyalty scheme.

From 1st September we're making it easy for you to redeem your hard-earned points for some cold hard cash, directly from the poker download client.

Rise up the VIP levels and you will be given great redemption rates for your points and the chance to enter up to 3 great exclusive freerolls per week.

The table below outlines the points required for each VIP level , your level will be updated daily based on your last 30 days play.

Reward Levels

VIP Reward Level 1 2 3 4 5 6
Points required (30 day rolling period) 0 1 50 500 2,500 10,000

Points Cash In Rates

VIP Level Minimum Cashout Points per €
2 €1 (90 points) 90
3 €2 (130 points) 65
4 €10 (580 points) 58
5 €25 (1000 points) 40
6 €50 (1500 points) 30

Click here for a 5-point guide to cashing in your points

As well as great cash rewards the higher your VIP level the greater freeroll offering we have for you:

  • VIP 2 or above - £25 freeroll tournament every Tuesday evening
  • VIP 4 or above - £100 freeroll tournament every Wednesday
  • VIP 6 - £375 freeroll tournament every Thursday

Points are earned at the following rate: $1 rake = 10 points, £1 = 16.3, €1 = 12.8

Terms & Conditions | Poker Loyalty Rewards

VIP Levels

  1. VIP levels are updated daily and are based on the number of VIP points you accrue on a rolling 30 day basis.
  2. Your VIP level can be viewed in your "My Account" Section of the Poker Client.
  3. Entry into the £2k loyalty freerolls will be based on their VIP level as outlined in the above tables

Points Cash In

  1. Points cash-ins are done on an ‘all or nothing' basis, with a minimum unit payout of €1
  2. The redemption rate varies dependent on VIP level as outlined in the above table
  3. Any points remaining worth less than €1 will be left in your account and will count towards your next cash-in
  4. Under no circumstances will points be exchanged by any other method than from the poker client facility
  5. Points that haven't been used after 6 months will be automatically removed

Points Accrual

  1. At real cash tables, Points are awarded to players for each hand in which they contribute money to the pot. Points are not awarded if a hand is not raked. Points are also awarded based on the fees paid by the player when buying-in to a real cash tournament.
  2. VIP points have no value other than to determine your VIP level and to release bonus funds.
  3. Shop Points have no value, but can be redeemed for rewards at your VIP Level.
  4. Your Shop points balance is displayed in the Poker Client. Point balances are updated only after a hand or tournament has been completed.
  5. Your accrued points are updated real time.
  6. Freerolls or other free entry/token entry to tournaments does not count towards points.
  7. All points cannot be traded with, or transferred to, other customer accounts.
  8. The Poker Manager reserves the right to:
    - amend the terms under which points may be accumulated, their relative value and worth, and how they may be utilised by the customers.
    - reset to zero, the points of any customer inactive for at least 365 days (inactive = zero points generated in the period of 365 days.). This includes suspended accounts.
  9. When a player account is suspended for any reason, that player's access to any and all Loyalty Program benefits and points will be suspended until such a time as the account becomes active again.
  10. Points will expire after 6 months if not cashed in.
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